HOW TO POST (video, flickr, etc.)

This will be edited later, as there are some easier ways to post things – but… one method for posting you tube videos is the html embed way:


1. On youtube video page, copy the “embed code”
2. In your wordpress post, click the ‘HTML’ tab, and paste the embeded coded.

Other sites, such as Vimeo and Flickr video have the same “embed code” option, but for one reason or another – those don’t work as the youtube video embed does.



So, this is what you must type to imbed a Vimeo or a Flickr video onto the blog. This can be under the “VISUAL” or “HTML” tab.


To post from VIMEO:

1. Copy the URL or video ID from the address bar.

2. Insert the shortcode into your post using one of the following formats. Make sure to replace the URL or ID.

$$vimeo$$     or     $$vimeo 240975$$

replace the $$ with opening and closing brackers. [ and ]

for this post, if i showed those with the brackets, you would not see the code but instead the video.


To post from FLICKR video:

1.Copy the URL or the video ID from the URL.

2. Use the URL in one of the following shortcodes:

[flickr video=]      or     [flickr video=2431720072]

If you have photos from the web, of your work, videos, etc. You can upload them to the ID13372011 Flickr account. Just go to, and when prompted…
Username: ID13372011@YAHOO.COM
Password: Same as the wordpress password.

5 responses to “HOW TO POST (video, flickr, etc.)

  1. Hey thanks! This worked great! I’ve been wondering for a while how to throw a vimeo video up, and now I know how stinking easy it is!

  2. oh I still can’t get it to work!
    I have done the vimeo thing sooo many times!
    NOt sure what I am doing wrong.


  3. Thanks! You’re brilliant!

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